About Us

Our Mission is to help our local economy thrive through paying farmers and producers. We are dedicated to building a stronger community through a local food movement. At the Roots and Fruits Market our first choice for a product is sourcing local.

Local Companies

Local Farms

  • Annie’s Bakery
  • Appalachai
  • Asheville Pretzel Company
  • Bella Rooster
  • Black Mountain Chocolate
  • Carolina Bison
  • Dolci Di Maria
  • Dynamite Coffee
  • Farm & Sparrow Bread
  • Green River Picklers
  • Haw Creek Honey
  • Hickory Nut Gap
  • Imladris Farm
  • Lusty Monk Mustard
  • Mountain Air Roasting Coffee
  • No Evil Foods
  • Perry Love Orchards Cider
  • Roots Hummus
  • Roots & Branches
  • Rosetta’s Kitchen
  • Silvermoon Chocolate
  • Three Graces Dairy
  • Blue Meadow Farm
  • Earthhaven
  • Flat Creek Farm
  • Gladheart Farm
  • Greene Family Farm
  • Joyce Farms
  • New Sprout
  • Ol’ Turtle Farm
  • Olivette Farm
  • Peaceful Valley Farm
  • Red Scout Farm
  • Rise Up Rooted Farm

Appalachain Grown2

Our Team


Kyle Nuccilli – Owner/CEO

A visionary with a diverse background bringing his passions and skills into motion including small time grocery stores, food based nutrition, cooking, sustainable farming, building and design, and customer service. You can find him either in the cafe, remodeling the store, gardening, or busy thinking about new projects.


Sheila Kelly Nuccilli – Owner/CEO

Back at business and out of retirement from her last successful contracting business. She brings a integral asset of accounting and leadership. When not siting behind a computer she’s often found hanging with the chickens.


Justin Bland – Operations Manager

Justin began life in the hills of Kentucky, but was raised in the New England of old grey buildings, plain beards, junkyards, urban gardens, and wry want. He makes his current home in the Appalachian range, studying tiny farms, watching forests grow, nursing birds, and taking lovers to the mountains.

He works for food. Farms & Markets like this one, the one you just found in a pile on your kitchen table. He loves tacos & hot sauce & nuts. He will chat endlessly about knife-tricks and cloud-shapes. He’ll leave you with secret magic stashed at the bottom of your pockets for the moments you might need it.


Phillip Yannella – Farmer

Phil doesn’t grow plants. He paints in the medium of soil. His soil compositions are inter-related to all elements on a canvas. Where does the green house fit best on the land and how do you orient it to get the best sun exposure? Where do the beehives go so they are not in a path of human travel and have access to water and flowers for honey production? Where do we start an orchard and what happens under the trees to provide them with fertility? His designs come together harmoniously and dynamically. Do you want to paint with Phil? Read More.